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LA Alto Medium Chamber, New York Meyer style alternative to basic NYA. Currently recommended with the new 6*M facing. XHB Tenor Long high baffle with small bullet throat. Designed for clarity and projection – works very well with closer facings in the 5, 5* and 6 region. Available in bronzite and SHR EZ Bb Clarinet … Read more

Choosing a Mouthpiece

How to choose a mouthpiece


Choose a mouthiece

This article was originally written by Edward Pillinger to help clarinet players when choosing a mouthpiece, but saxophone players may also find it useful.

Choosing a mouthpiece is not easy. A clarinet mouthpiece must satisfy the demands of both the instrument and the player. The internal dimensions of the mouthpiece must ensure that the instrument will play in tune, with good tone and a wide dynamic range, whilst the lay (facing) and beak configuration need to be compatible with the player’s blowing technique and feel comfortable.

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Reeds & Tone

Reeds If an existing mouthpiece is being replaced due to its low reed success rate, do not choose the new mouthpiece using one of your old reeds. A good mouthpiece should allow:- At least four to five new reeds from a box of 10 to work reasonably well Three to four to work very well, … Read more


Comments on Pillinger Mouthpieces

Richard Addison – Clarinet (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Professor at the Royal Academy of Music London)

Ed has made me several beautiful clarinet mouthpieces and some copies of unique and rare G. Howarth mouthpieces. He has also made a special mouthpiece for my Hammerschmidt Schmidt Reform Boehms, incorporating a German style interior with a French style exterior.
I recommend his mouthpieces to all my students.

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Pillinger Mouthpieces 15 Sitwell Grove Stanmore Middlesex HA7 3NB UK +44 (0)208 954 4058 From central London take the Jubilee Line northbound to Stanmore, the end of the line. From Stanmore tube station either walk (about 1.4 miles), or take a taxi or the H12 bus. Jubilee Taxis and the bus stop are both found … Read more

Ligature Solutions

  Our own ligatures and caps are now available for LL tenor and HB Alto. These are inverted screw design in gold lacquer (screw on top and band around the reed, as with BG and Rovner soft ligs) This lig also fits the P baritone. We also recommend the following BG Tradition metal Ligatures (inverted … Read more