Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces

NYA – My first Meyer Bros style mouthpiece. The internal measurements were taken from a 1950s vintage Meyer. The external diameter is a little smaller and so requires a slightly smaller standard ligature but adapts perfectly to Rovner and all soft single screw ligs. Smooth and refined. A very popular mouthpiece.

LA – Another ‘Meyer’ style. Lots of resonance and edge with good projection. Suits facings such as 6*M or the any of the 7s and 7*s.

CP – Although Meyer influenced, the side walls of the chamber are straight (not barrelled and under-cut as in normal Meyer style mouthpieces). Very sweet tone in the middle octave. This was the design of mouthpiece Charlie Parker used until the last couple of years of his life.

CPS – A slender model (requires a Bb clarinet ligature) with a medium high, straight, flat baffle. The shaping might suggest a rather bright response but this mouthpieces produces a beautiful classical tone.

S – Classic, early Selmer Soloist style mouthpiece (domed/ horse shoe throat) This is the brighter toned short shank version.

SL – Same as ‘S’ but a long shanked version; slightly larger throat hence less brightness but a bit more warmth.

HB – 1950s style with a medium high baffle and a step into the bore. Bullet shaped outer body. A moderately bright but very clear mouthpiece with a good deal of flexibility.

AF – Classical, round throated model. Good basic sound. Suits all types of music.

MB – Versatile design incorporating an open throat region with a high section at the top of the baffle giving this model a full sound with very good projection.

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