Baritone Saxophone Mouthpieces

‘P’ Unique Pillinger design baffle and throat. Works well in bronzite. Also works well with closer facings e.g. VBQ270 (long curve 6*-7). Good solo qualities with a clear, refined sound.

‘L’ In the style of a vintage rubber Larsen. Straightforward design producing a direct, vibrant, classic bari sound . One of my most popular designs. Works well in rubber or composite bronzite material and with almost any facing and tip opening.

‘R’ Contemporary, deep chambered design. Dark, full sound.

‘NY’ Beebop style mouthpiece with barrel chamber and open throat.

My most popular facings are the flexible VBQ260 (approx. 6),VBQ270 (the 6* mentioned above) 7LV(vintage Link) and 8*GB, but I can supply facings from 5 through to 9*

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