Clarinet Facings

The facing – the shape of a mouthpiece’s lay from the table to tip opening – can make all the difference to the sound of a good mouthpiece. Edward Pillinger’s years of cataloguing lay profiles have resulted in a huge library of facings, from which players can find one that matches their desired tone and feel.
Unless you have a special requirement, the following tables will help you to choose a facing for a Pillinger mouthpiece or relay. The facings below have been selected as the very best from across the range of Edward Pillinger’s facing measurements, after testing and comment by eminent performers.
The tables give the approximate measurements of each of the facings (tip opening and lay length). They also give the closest comparison with facings by other major saxophone mouthpiece makers. Underscored are the current most popular facings.
For example: the Pillinger A6M is a popular facing for alto saxophone mouthpieces with a tip opening of 1.95mm (0.075″) and a lay 25mm long. This facing corresponds roughly to a 6* Link, a 6 Meyer, or a D Selmer.
Players are always welcome to call for any specific advice or requests.

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