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Richard Addison – Clarinet (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Professor at the Royal Academy of Music London)

Ed has made me several beautiful clarinet mouthpieces and some copies of unique and rare G. Howarth mouthpieces. He has also made a special mouthpiece for my Hammerschmidt Schmidt Reform Boehms, incorporating a German style interior with a French style exterior.
I recommend his mouthpieces to all my students.

Iain Ballamy – Jazz Saxophone

Ed made me two copies of my old favourite irreplaceable Link that was badly damaged. The copies incorporated the repair and play as well, if not better than the original – in fact I now don’t know which to play on!


John Cooper – Bb & Eb Clarinet (Welsh National Orchestra)

Gave your E flat mouthpiece a first serious workout with 2 performances of Shostakovich 5th symphony this week and had to let you know how pleased I am with it. It has fantastic response and articulation,a really generous and powerful sound and great intonation. What a shame I didn’t smash my old one years ago! I also had very positive feedback from my colleagues.


Alan Hacker – Clarinet / Conductor

I am quite sure that I have done my best playing ever on Ed Pillinger’s hand made mouthpiece and furthermore, he modified all my other modern and classical Jon Steward mouthpieces to .75 x 22mm to make life easier with reeds. Eddie is the central mouthpiece maker in the UK and I reckon that he, Jon Steward and Heinz Viotto must be the world leaders in mouthpieces.


Nick Rodwell – Clarinet (Co-principal Covent Garden Orchestra London, formally co-principal London Symphony Orchestra & Royal Philharnonic Orchestra. RAM Professor)

Ed’s mouthpieces make tone production and articulation easy, allowing me to concentrate more on the music.


Louis Rossi – Clarinet / Clarinet maker

Edward Pillinger sure knows how to make mouthpieces! Thanks to his work, classic models such as the 1010 and the 926, which had disappeared from the market have become available again. I recommend them to Rossi players.


Bootman, Richard Booth (

I have been playing this new tenor 310mm Bronzite Chu mpc which has been designed by Justsaxes and Dr Pillinger, it is simply the best playing 9* metal Link I have ever found, whether it be a modified Link, Florida Link or Babbitt model. This mouthpiece plays with ease in all ranges, has fantastic intonation, tone and projection. Check one of these out for yourself


50 – Jazz saxophone, Southhampton

Once again many thanks, the more I play the piece [Bronzite NY Alto ‘L’] the more I like it – it’s a real killer, fat and sweet at the same time.


Stefan Harg Clarinet (Professor at the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm, Artistic Director for Clarinetfest 2002 in Stockholm)

In the search for the perfect mouthpiece I came across Edward Pillinger’s. His F2 model plays superbly (lay, 1.25mm x 19mm). I’m very satisfied, it really has a very superior sound and one I have always searched for.The warm, deep tone and the impeccable articulation make playing music much easier. I must say he has made an absolutely superb mouthpiece for me. Ed’s mouthpieces and his incredible knowledge have enabled my ideal sound to become a reality. I recommend his mouthpieces wholeheartedly.
Congratulations for your very fine craftmanship

Mark Lockheart Jazz saxophone (

‘When the Otto Link ebonite mouthpiece I’d been playing for twenty years finally wore out, I panicked. Luckily I went to see Ed. I now play on a Pillinger Tenor NYHB mouthpiece and prefer it to my old Link. Thanks Ed!’

Bootman, Richard Booth  (

I would like to thank Dr. Ed Pillinger for his fantastic mouthpieces, the Bass clarinet mpc is simply the most free blowing and powerful mpc I have ever played on bass clarinet, it allows the Bass clarinet to play with flexibility and response of a standard Bb clarinet. It makes it possible to effortlessly articulate some of the most challenging octave leaps and ferocious passages with consummate ease. The mouthpiece was so good, I got on the email and ordered an alto model too.

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