Eb & Bass Clarinet mouthpieces

Eb (piccolo) Clarinet Mouthpieces

F1 Large bore. This mouthpiece has a medium chamber and a straight baffle, producing a strong, pure tone. Often improves intonation in the 3rd register on many French clarinets.

‘LF’ Small bore. An older style mouthpiece with a deeper, curved baffle producing a sweet, rounded tone. Suits B & H Imperial clarinets and some French instruments.

Bass Clarinet Mouthpieces

Designed for use with large bore instruments such as the Selmer.

‘L’ This mouthpiece has a large, deep chamber with a concave baffle which encourages a full, dark tone.

‘GH’ Also incorporates a large chamber and deep baffle but with a smaller throat region, adding clarity, projection and definition to the tone.

Contra-Bass Clarinet Mouthpieces

Bb and Eb available


German style Bb – various bores, Basset horn, Classical clarinet (e.g.Grenser), Uebel bass.

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