Ligature Solutions


Our own ligatures and caps are now available for LL tenor and HB Alto. These are inverted screw design in gold lacquer (screw on top and band around the reed, as with BG and Rovner soft ligs) This lig also fits the P baritone.

We also recommend the following BG Tradition metal Ligatures (inverted screw, same fixing configuration as BG and Rovner soft ligatures):

Soprano S, P, JP, NY & NYH

BG L50 Tradition,Francois Louis sop ligature with longest adjusting screw

Alto NYA, CP & LA

BGL10 Tradition + Most standard ligs and faxx alto fabric/rubber (American Way Marketing)

Alto HB

Pillinger lig & cap or BG L80 Tradition (Eb clarinet lig)
Francois Louis Ligature S TEN BRASS

Alto S

BGL2 Tradition (Bb clarinet lig)


BGL40 Tradition + Faxx tenor fabric/rubber (American Way Marketing)
Francois Louis ‘Ultimate-XL’ (Tenor)

Tenor LL

Pillinger lig & cap, BGL80 Tradition (longer cap required) or Francois Louis Ultimate tenor size ‘L’ with a small washer between the plate and lig

Tenor LLR (New Model)

Any standard alto lig

Baritone P (Old Slimline)

Pillinger lig and cap or BGL10 Tradition

Baritone L & R

BGL27MJ or L40 Tradition (for thicker reeds) Almost any tenor ligature will fit these models.

All Bb Clarinet models

BGL2 Tradition or almost any standard lig and cap

Bass Clarinet

BGL90 or L60 Tradition (L60 has a gold lacquer finish)

S, V and L model

All use standard bass clarinet ligatures.

FF Fortissimo Ligatures

These have a single, high tensile steel wire that is never in contact with the mouthpiece.The wire is attached to a plate (various types) which holds the reed and a small rubber foot that positions the tightening screw on the other side of the mouthpiece. I have tried them and find tone and response to be very good. However, I do find the placement of the ligature a little awkward, but this would be no problem once the system had become familiar. The advantage of these ligatures is that you only need TWO for all sizes of mouthpiece from the the very smallest sopranino through to a fat bass sax.

AN02 for mouthpieces up to alto sax
AN05 for mouthpieces from alto up to the largest mouthpiece you are likely to come across.
These ligatures come with various adaptors and caps for different mouthpieces.
tel. (0034) 948 694 045

A number of distributors supply Pillinger Mouthpieces with Consoli ligatures and caps

NYT and HB tenor = Size E
NYA, S, LA and CP alto = Size D

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