Saxophone Mouthpieces

The design of these mouthpieces is the result of research and collaboration with several distinguished jazz saxophonists. The mouthpieces are made from the same high quality materials as the clarinet mouthpieces. Also available in bronzite, a special blend of synthetic hard rubber with a high bronze/brass/copper content, producing mouthpieces which combine the tone and projection of metal with the warmth of ebonite.

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Soprano Saxophone Mouthpieces

Soprano Bb &C Saxophone Mouthpieces Sopranino Saxophone If we assume that the brightest tone is likely to be produced using something like a small round throated vintage Selmer soloist style mouthpiece, then my own models would go in the following order of brightness to darkness. ‘S’ Model – similar to a vintage Selmer soloist. However, … Read more

Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces

NYA – My first Meyer Bros style mouthpiece. The internal measurements were taken from a 1950s vintage Meyer. The external diameter is a little smaller and so requires a slightly smaller standard ligature but adapts perfectly to Rovner and all soft single screw ligs. Smooth and refined. A very popular mouthpiece. LA – Another ‘Meyer’ … Read more

Tenor Saxophone Mouthpieces

NYT – Loosely based on late 1950s Links. There are modifications to the beak shape (more duck-bill) and the body is more slender. This mouthpiece is probably the warmest and darkest of all my tenors. Bronzite versions deliver more clarity and projection. Requires a slightly smaller ligature than a standard tenor. NYT (Side Signature) – … Read more

Baritone Saxophone Mouthpieces

‘P’ Unique Pillinger design baffle and throat. Works well in bronzite. Also works well with closer facings e.g. VBQ270 (long curve 6*-7). Good solo qualities with a clear, refined sound. ‘L’ In the style of a vintage rubber Larsen. Straightforward design producing a direct, vibrant, classic bari sound . One of my most popular designs. … Read more