Soprano Saxophone Mouthpieces

Soprano Bb &C Saxophone Mouthpieces

Sopranino Saxophone

If we assume that the brightest tone is likely to be produced using something like a small round throated vintage Selmer soloist style mouthpiece, then my own models would go in the following order of brightness to darkness.

‘S’ Model – similar to a vintage Selmer soloist. However, the throat is a little larger than the vintage Selmer and this allows for more body in the tone. A focussed, classic soprano sound.

‘P’ Model – larger circular throat than the S. Also has a focussed tone but a rather broader quality of sound than the S model .

‘PJ’ & J Model – modified P with enlarged throat and scooped sidewalls at bore entry. Designed in response to a request for a soprano mouthpiece more suitable for jazz where an even broader but slightly less focussed tone is required. The J has a very slightly larger throat.than the PJ.

NY – in the style of early Slant Sig Links with a large barrel chamber. Fat, dark tone. The other end of the sound spectrum from the S.

NYH – Similar design to the NY but this has a larger chamber. This has the largest chamber and throat of all my soprano models producing a very warm, dark fat tone.

C-Soprano – Design similar to the PJ but overal dimensions reduced to suit the shorter C instrument

Sopranino – S model with a very small throat
L model with a larger throat

Available in SHR & Bronzite. Bronzite’material doesn’t make them brighter. The effect on the tone is to add brilliance and clarity more than anything else. It’s worth remembering that smaller chambered and throated sop mouthpieces can usually offer better intonation – maybe the reason Link changed their design from barrel to bocal after the 1950s, but they also push the tone towards an Oboe quality rather than a high saxophone sound.
I can offer a very wide choice of facings 1.05mm (B or 3*) to 2.4 (off the scale at about 10*!)

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