Tenor Saxophone Mouthpieces

NYT – Loosely based on late 1950s Links. There are modifications to the beak shape (more duck-bill) and the body is more slender. This mouthpiece is probably the warmest and darkest of all my tenors. Bronzite versions deliver more clarity and projection. Requires a slightly smaller ligature than a standard tenor.

NYT (Side Signature) – A new, fatter version of the above which can be used with any standard tenor ligature. The tone and appearance is similar to a vintage Slant Link.

NYTM This is another barrel chambered model like the NYT but the throat is smaller and the tone more focused than the NYT. Expect a warm rounded sound.

NYTHB – This is a an old Link-ish but less barrel chambered model but with the baffle set higher towards the tip end (not an extreme baffle like Berg Larsens or Guardalas). This offers a little more projection and brightness than the NYT models.

LL – Externally, this model is similar in appearance to an old rubber Berg Larsen mouthpiece, but internally it is very different. It has a deep throat with moderately high sloping upper portion of the baffle. A good R ‘n B mouthpiece with its strong funky sound. Can be supplied with a ligature & cap.

XHB – has a long high baffle for a clear, penetrating sound with crisp articulation. Although bright, the tone can easily be modified and manipulated to produce softer and warmer timbres.

LA – Extra-large barrel chambered and deep open throated model with a unique tone and response. It is huge inside and is in the style of early American mpcs of 1920-30s. It is surprisingly vibrant and edgy and not as dark as the NYTs even though it is much larger inside.

PL -This design is a radical modification of the XHB. The baffle angle is lowered at the tip end and the lower region near the throat is deepened and enlarged. The result is a powerful, contemporary sounding tone with crisp response and good focus.

PLG – Medium high stepped baffle. Very contemporary sound.

S – A mouthpiece in the style of a vintage dome or horse-shoe throated Selmer soloist.

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